March 2010 Catalog Secrets


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Membership Giveaway/ Cp reviews?

In the near future I might be doing some contests for club penguin and reviews for games, here’s a picture. (Sorry bad camera)

Accepting Requests

I will be accept requests for videos or times to meet me in cp through email (i will try to email back if i can) Or anything long that you want to say make sure to send it there not as a comment thanks guys cya soon!*edit* actually if you guys want you can leave a comment here also =D

P.S. I am fighting people at the minigame card jitzu (dojo) on summit server.(ninja area)


Now does anyone remember how to delete all the comments? ^.^ (leave a comment…..)

Deleting all waiting comments

I have 10,000 comments waiting to be approved so i am going to delete them and start over so i can actually get new ones. I am sorry if this affends you somehow but i think it would be better if i told you guys.

1004 days old!

Yep i finally reached over a thousand days old in cp so i decided to start answer questions about what was in club penguin a long time ago and other questions etc. Start questioning! (im actually older but computer day is messed up :o)clip_image002