April Fools Party!

Here is a quick update before I leave.
Color the board in the dock fully for the cap. (if you use dance you will actually fly):

Here is the members only area and items you can get from it:



Im sorry guys im sick right now so I couldint come to the party yesterday, I know i dont post alot so i decided to work with someone. I know you say i dont post often enough so Im getting my friend to help.

Have Fun

I forgot

Everyody I am sorry to say I forgot about the pary I didnt even get my igloo ready it will be elayed utill net friday same time and everthing I am very sorry if you were looking forward to this.

Meet me!

Ok everybody Im having a party to celibrate this website I will show everbodys picture if you come so I hope you do. its goning to be Superhero Theme but dont think its weird if my igloo looks bad I dont earn coins alot when I do i use it mostly on clothes and use a cheat but anyway its febuary 1st it starts at 4:00 to 6:oo and please be there at the begining then leave try not to be late also if you want to help set up be there before the party. Again,

Have fun

Don’t vote for sports party!

All of my fans dont vote for sports party vote for the western it is the oldest party I dont care what yu choose just not that plz!. DONT DONT DONT VOTE FOR THE SPORTS PARTY!!!!!!!

rockhoppers back!

clip_image002.jpgRockhoppers back and the fall fair is comming to! post ideas of what u think its like!

Party time!!!!!

we are having a party at my igloo at mammoth server members and non members every1 come its at june 23rd its the day after my last day of school the time is all day!!!im on the map ok and  if u want to help set up put your name and at the top of the comment put  (party helper) if u want to be at the party leave just your penguin name also if im gone and u want to help they can come to your igloo have fun at the party!!