Quick Update

Hey everyone! Giveaways should be starting soon, but along with this I might have to put ads on my page. If your a person that cares about ads, don’t worry, don’t click it and you’ll be completely fine. I would appreciate some feedback if this is ok with you guys or not. + Other good news, because I’m becoming a member again, that means more cheats and secrets on Club Penguin. Thanks, and Have Fun Guys! =D


Club Penguin Herberts Revenge Trailer

Sneak Peak!

Heres a sneak peak of an upcoming area!

What do you think it could be? Make sure to comment and post your ideas!

Pictures to small/not fitting

I’m currently trying to find a layout to best fit my website, and so the pictures can be at full size without being cut off. Thanks for waiting 🙂

Club Penguin Awards



The Backstage:


March 2010 Catalog Secrets

Club Penguin Puffle Rescue Trailer