ok tell me if u like my blog it now by leaving a comment if u dont just simply say it i wont get mad.

8 Responses

  1. WOW!This is the best website.But I checked the pet catalog there is no yellow puffle.Please tell it on your website.Thanks!

    I know it was suppost to be funny it was a edit i will tell them.oh and hi lucy

  2. cool website-if anybody wants to meet me i am always in the USA SERVER CALLED BLIZZRD-MY IGLOO IS ALWAYS ON THE MAP-I AM ESTER1998

  3. i love it

  4. no offence dude but your secrets are old.

    Yea i know that

  5. i love it it’s kevin

    Flaper41s comment: thanks kevin also see u in school!

  6. I like it because on that Jimmy Kid’s site there’s this guy who calls everyone beep. There’s nobody who does that here. Thanks!!!!

  7. hi are u talkin to me lol

  8. i like alot

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