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    My penguin name is flaper41 i will usually go on the mammoth server. Also the clothes I usually wear are a sude jacket, a black electric guitar, ice skates, a gold viking helmet, a blue cape, and blue face paint or glasses. I will post what my igloo looks like. *edit* currently i am not a member, i might become one again but i will still be posting. HAVE FUN
  • January 2008
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Meet me!

Ok everybody Im having a party to celibrate this website I will show everbodys picture if you come so I hope you do. its goning to be Superhero Theme but dont think its weird if my igloo looks bad I dont earn coins alot when I do i use it mostly on clothes and use a cheat but anyway its febuary 1st it starts at 4:00 to 6:oo and please be there at the begining then leave try not to be late also if you want to help set up be there before the party. Again,

Have fun


i need help

Everyone I need help if you own a wordpress acount the reason im not posing is because I axidently clicked remember me on a diffrent accoun so if anybody knows can you help me


I am very sorry about not posting I have been having troubles with my account and will try to resume as quick as I can, and again Have Fun!

P.S. the pin is in the boiler room

New wigs, New catolog, and club penguins 50th pin!

The new wigs catolog and the 50th pin have came out its the morning so I havent looked for it yet but I will inform you when I do