What is with rockhopper?

It is wired everytime i see rockhopper he just says hi or bye, and doesnt dance or nothin whats with him. he wont even do pirate talk, maybe he is deppresd from real life? I DONT KNOW. Leave a comment to say what u think


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  1. I saw him on the first night and he was dancing and happy and talking pirate-y. Didn’t see him on the next day. But I just (sort of) saw him on Beanie–in Australis–in the hold. I heard he was there, and his name was on the user/player list. I clicked the card, and it was the REAL Rockhopper’s card. I told my brother, who doesn’t have the eyepatch, and he went to the hold on his computer, clicked on Rockhopper card on the players-in-room list, and got his eyepatch.

    But we couldn’t see him, and it’s not just becasue it was crowded–it always is when he’s around. But he just wasn’t visible. And he wasn’t talking. Was he supposed to be invisible?

    Good question i h ave no clue what so ever

  2. hey he danced and talked pirate and was all jolly at the iceberg on April 28

    Maybe ssomone figured out his password that could be it! So when u were with him he was real rockhopper!

  3. yeh cos like i met him ages ago[i didnt get the eypatch from him im so old iwas there wen he bought it on his ship]and no1 at all was tlkin 2 him at all
    he just kept talkin pirate talk he was so kl

    umm no effense i was there when they had the sports party witch was 258 days ago so im 258 days old!

  4. I saw Rockhopper one evening and he was standing in the corner by his door to the captain’s quarters. He wasn’t talking or anything but I got my 3 friends so they could get the eyepatch! So they all got it (I already had it).
    The next time I saw him..he looked invisible. just his name was on the players list. I couldnt find him until someone taught me how to use the players list.

  5. I used to play and then stopped and started again recently. When I first played, I was a ninja penguin, there was no pay membership, no igloos, no games, no nothing.

    I remember it used to be so fun with luows and sports partys good times good times.

  6. rockhopper goes to school at northside and is a kid dah!

    U know him awsome tell him to meet me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. wow

  8. cool website!! i love it 😀
    I Have secret stuff


    How can he be banned forever if he is with cp he is one of the makers of cp!

  10. When i sa rockhopper he was dancing i was dancing right next to him at the beach, we started at the town the he made us follow him to the dock then to the beach then onto his ship and he kept ansering everyones questions about his headquarters and where rockhopper island was and he said it was on the big blue map in the ship hold.

    Flaper 41s comment: hmm very interistting. I could have looked that up but it seems we have to wait till he comes back

  11. yah i noticed that and he is banned. i know his password: redpuffle

  12. rockhopper is a program or he has his speaking thing on ultimate safe chat…

  13. I’ve seen him dance and throw snowballs and say”Har Har HAr”.

  14. rockhopper is computer controlled and
    since all the hacking they made him only say Hi and Bye!

  15. Awwwwwwwwwww i never saw him

  16. i used his account and typed redpuffle.
    it was banned? why?

  17. Rockhopper gets teird and says bye cause theres 100’s of ppl around him and there is NO KEY!

  18. yah i typed migrater it said he was banned i dont no why

  19. i know why he cant be banned it is becose he does not have a password he cna just get on he cant be baned

  20. rockhopper is weird cuz the one u saw was a robot. there is a real and a robot rockhopper! weird!

  21. when i saw him he answered my questionz and he talked piratety and he danced but that was after u saw him so idk

  22. i think rockhopper is trying to get away from everyone to go somewhere different and meat new ppl

  23. i think i think he shold be want ing to go back to club penguin and acully let people in his room if no there will be no club penguin

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