Funny pic



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  1. not funny but cool

  2. Duh! there is no yellow puffle!

  3. ha heres 800 for that puffle

  4. Can you realy get a yellow puffel

    No it is an edit but sompeople show moives how to get them but i never tried to see if they worked.

  5. how the eck can u adopt a yelow puffle

    For the last time there is no yellow puffle ❗

  6. i want to buy one

  7. yellow puffle looks cool-too bad i will never see it:c yellow puffle does not exist

  8. where is the puffle it not in the pet shop i will be so happy if there is 1

  9. Please let me have the yellow puffle. I really want him/her

  10. yellow puffle IS real find bambadee he will give u 1
    i found him in mammoth on the iceberg
    to bad nobody else was there

  11. I want one…is there a cheat on how to get one? Please…do tell…

  12. there is a yellow puffle i have 5000

  13. Hi well is there really a yellow puffle because Im really would want it so…

  14. awwwww…..its soooo cute!
    i want one!
    too bad it doesnt exists *sigh*

  15. i want one!well…too bad its just made-up

  16. there is no yellow puffle and bambadee doesn’t give youa yellow puffle that guy who said thats a liar. maybee they’ll mmake one in the future and whoever tells you there i one don’t listen to them they’re scammers probably!

  17. You can’t really get it can you?

  18. true
    ther is a yellow puffle

  19. there is one
    i have it

  20. tell me rockhoppers pass and can u tell me how 2 get a yellow puffle ive been dying to find one ever since i started cp!

  21. it is sooo cute i love the fact it has no style plz make a video

  22. I no a cheat on gettin a yellow puffle but it sucks it neva eva works!!!!!!!

  23. ha you edited a purple puffle and covered it yellow

  24. who is bambadee and yellow puffles might come out in the future if u want to see videos go to and write clubpenguin yellow puffle cheats

  25. ehh?


  27. there is one lol everyone was young that time lol whhen they say no theres not but there is

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