Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Please come to this website on its normal page at


10 Responses

  1. Dude, this website rocks! But, I tried to join in a fight against UMA with u but none of your officers would listen to me can you please tell them to listen to new people more often? Thank you dude.

  2. wasent there an old version of club penguin called club penguin chat

  3. 1st comment i like rock

  4. visit my site at

  5. Try this, click on your buddy list, make sure your in your igloo then click on the decorate your igoo button but youve still got the buddy list, now click on one of the members and visit their igloo now you can move their furniture around but nobodoy can see what your doing and if you leave it goes back to normal, try it and see
    keep cool

  6. yo evreyone if u r on club penguin called alex 560 add hi because its me and if u see a penguin called bennybee1 report him

  7. I seem to have quit Club Penguin for the most part; but it doesn’t mean any of you guys should. While I was younger, it definately made a difference in my life in many ways. Yeah, you may laugh at that, but if you think about it, all this encouragement you guys have given me has kept me going all these years, and even through my normal life.
    Club Penguin can sometimes be more than just a game.

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