For the last time

rememebr penguin time is the key to meeting me. u have to use penguin time and also im in school from 8:00 to 2:40. so dontgo between that time please. that is in penugin time also im in school 8:00 to 2:40 penguin time ok so no other time please!


MAP! Follow these directions to get it.






Hey wait a sec

i just saw somthing anything works for billybobs or rockhoppers pass or any famus penguin(that made club penguin)

Rockhoppers pass and he is not banned foreva

Look his pass is the letter p 12 times ok?*edit*(he uses a private server on his computer so nobody else can go own unless you hack.) it might say he is banned forever but he is not until he gets to club penguin island then he will be unbanned. also if u no any account like billybobs account or anything leave a comment and email and u will win a free acount! also remember only if u want me to email u leave a email address with the comment otherwise just use a random word like hi or yes.


Everyone i got into rockhoppers account by using a cheat to tell u the truth he doesnt have a pass or not that i know of*edit* nobody get into hacking O.o banned for 72 hours maybe one or two bans then ill be banned forever…. and for those people who still like to hack don’t mess up on anything like i did ^.^ (atleast i got the picture… which is now deleted on my computer….)
P.S. This is not used with any photo system, if you ever met rockhopper, you’ll notice that his *penguin box thinger* is larger than average, and that is why it reaches out of the normal area, if this isn’t the reason I have no idea, but I probably should have filmed it. This account got deleted as a remembered penguin and replaced with a penguin with no name somehow, and after that it just was gone.

so here is a pictureclip_image00212.jpg

it is in the sports shop

The pin is in the sports shop not the gift shop ok. I just want u to know some of u are asking so i figured i would answer.

New pin