red puffle doesnt surf with u on survival

clip_image0025.jpgJust so u know the survival surifing game came out a few days ago but unfortanitly the red puffle doesnt come with u: (



clip_image0023.jpgTheres a poll now in cp u can vote and u dont have to be a member for those of u who arent so have fun with it!

Storm in cp?


Post your ideas of what u think

Sorry if i dont accsept your comment

theres so many i can never go through them every 5 seconds theres 5 moer comments i have like 500 awaiting moderation right now so sry

I missed the party

im sry i was going on vacation and i missed it so im changing the day to whensday same time and everything.

Party time!!!!!

we are having a party at my igloo at mammoth server members and non members every1 come its at june 23rd its the day after my last day of school the time is all day!!!im on the map ok and  if u want to help set up put your name and at the top of the comment put  (party helper) if u want to be at the party leave just your penguin name also if im gone and u want to help they can come to your igloo have fun at the party!!

Buddies of the month