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    My penguin name is flaper41 i will usually go on the mammoth server. Also the clothes I usually wear are a sude jacket, a black electric guitar, ice skates, a gold viking helmet, a blue cape, and blue face paint or glasses. I will post what my igloo looks like. *edit* currently i am not a member, i might become one again but i will still be posting. HAVE FUN
  • May 2009
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Party on Friday!!!(thank you viewers!!)

Thanks guys for getting this website to over 1,000,000 veiws =D The party will start at 4:00 pm CP time on friday of 2-29-09 Summit Server (if you cant find it then click on the bottom arrow 4 times then look on the right side of the server list you’ll see it.)  At anywhere in the dance club. Gaming room (upstairs) Dance room (main floor) and boiler room (basement) I hope to see lots of people come!


Accepting Requests

I will be accept requests for videos or times to meet me in cp through email (i will try to email back if i can) Or anything long that you want to say make sure to send it there not as a comment thanks guys cya soon!*edit* actually if you guys want you can leave a comment here also =D

P.S. I am fighting people at the minigame card jitzu (dojo) on summit server.(ninja area)

New email and youtube account for website

my new youtube account it at

My new email is (email if you have any questions)

and again……………………………………………………………………………………….

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now does anyone remember how to delete all the comments? ^.^ (leave a comment…..)

Deleting all waiting comments

I have 10,000 comments waiting to be approved so i am going to delete them and start over so i can actually get new ones. I am sorry if this affends you somehow but i think it would be better if i told you guys.

Did you know?…

Did you know that when Rockhopper’s ship was introduced, it was unknown what it was (because rockhopper didn’t exist yet) you could imagine what people would have thought!

1004 days old!

Yep i finally reached over a thousand days old in cp so i decided to start answer questions about what was in club penguin a long time ago and other questions etc. Start questioning! (im actually older but computer day is messed up :o)clip_image002