Somthings happening

clip_image0021.jpgTheres a new way to dress youre penguin coming next friday post ideas of what u think it might be!


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  1. Please Visit my website… It gives a lot of info about Club Penguin and it has a lot of funny stuff on it… IT HAS MTV SCARRED CLIPS!!!
    Heres a Link
    hmhmhm lol

  2. i sent them fan mail a lear ago that they should make it so that you could have hair for your penguin. that is what i think that it is.
    and also can some one please go to my site!!!!!!

  3. the wigs are cool if i was a member for clubpenguin i would have about half of the stuff cause the clubpenguin stuff is really,really,really,REALLY cool that is y i love clubpenguin half the stuff is cool

  4. click this link to get to club penguin 🙂

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