Secret igloos

Sry i cant upload the picture but the igloo is on the tip of the workers drill on the removal servace page


What is with rockhopper?

It is wired everytime i see rockhopper he just says hi or bye, and doesnt dance or nothin whats with him. he wont even do pirate talk, maybe he is deppresd from real life? I DONT KNOW. Leave a comment to say what u think

Party fun!

Remember for the party on march thired on mammoth server to 2:00 to 5:00 Starting at my igloo.

I might take pictures of my friends that are nice and post them on my site!

Gold puffle

Ok everyone keeps asking there is no gold puffle. I did a edit it is not real also stop asking other people to. there might be one out but not yet there is no way to get it unles u hack into the system! I wont need to say this again beacuase u wont ask again!O sry i got angry

New storys

There are three new storys in one book there are no free items but it’s  fun to read itclip_image00239.jpg

New pin


clip_image00237.jpgIt does not say there is not a key but i think there is not going to be one maybe next time he comes?