April Fools Party!

Here is a quick update before I leave.
Color the board in the dock fully for the cap. (if you use dance you will actually fly):

Here is the members only area and items you can get from it:


March 2010 Catalog Secrets

New Pin (sorry a little late)

It is located at the top of the lighthouse, and can also be used at the stage to get past the river!

Accepting Requests

I will be accept requests for videos or times to meet me in cp through email (i will try to email back if i can) Or anything long that you want to say make sure to send it there not as a comment thanks guys cya soon!*edit* actually if you guys want you can leave a comment here also =D

P.S. I am fighting people at the minigame card jitzu (dojo) on summit server.(ninja area)

Ninja hang out place

clip_image002This is basicly what it looks like inside the hidden door. You need to beat sensei to go through it, but only if you are black belt. If i get enough requests ill show a vid beating him. Good luck on your journy to black belt!

Community (shared and not going to be banned) account decided!!!

Username: cpisftw

Color:  Lime green

Pass: ilikepie

coins: 500

=) thanks for voting guys.

New pin!!!

Yes im posting pins again =D for some people that havent found it yet, here =).clip_image002Hover your mouse over the bucket then let the pinmaker 3000 do the rest for you =)