Red puffle can surf with you!

clip_image002.jpgIf u walk it with you and go surfing it will do it with u!


10 Responses

  1. awsome and first commet

  2. ummm i still posted this on another site but im saying i already ficrued dat out

  3. cool

  4. i’m sorry I did no t see red ….
    ….you have to surfe whith the red
    not eny other colors.again sorry .

  5. wat how does it work

  6. i know. i tried with my red puffle and it was awesome i got to catch waves with my best bud

  7. you bring your RED puffle & go surfing!

  8. heyyy wat up ya no my puffle ran away sooo i dont surf anymore

  9. i bring my red puffle but nothing happens. why isn’t he surfing?

  10. Maybe your playing the storm one your puffle won’t come if your on the survival

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