Rockhoppers pass and he is not banned foreva

Look his pass is the letter p 12 times ok?*edit*(he uses a private server on his computer so nobody else can go own unless you hack.) it might say he is banned forever but he is not until he gets to club penguin island then he will be unbanned. also if u no any account like billybobs account or anything leave a comment and email and u will win a free acount! also remember only if u want me to email u leave a email address with the comment otherwise just use a random word like hi or yes.


97 Responses

  1. I know Billybob’s pass.. its Yellow123

  2. Wheres my prize i know instead can i have free Membership for 3 months?

  3. thx for the cheats

  4. billy bobs pass is yellow123

  5. Wait, if the password is p 12 times, how come in the picture you have of him there are only 8 stars???

    flaper41s comment: thats because when u rememebr your pass it only has that many stars.

  6. I hate you stupid dogs

  7. guys he is lying i tryed last time rockhopper was on it ban me instead

  8. i know billybob’s password email me at and i will tell u his password come on at msn at 6:00

  9. only if u have msn ok?

  10. billybob doeznt hav a p4zzw0rd!

  11. Billybob is banned forever


  13. billybob is banned forever

  14. Ok…rcokhoppers password can be anythinng you want it to be…its jus that its always banned…so is billybobs!!!

  15. i no the password i figured out myself my screen name/e-mail adress is

  16. hey i know an accont penguin name is bnpbjp and pass is nicole

  17. billybobs password is Yellow123

    rockhoppers is anything i think

  18. will u send me an email and a free acount with like seanol stuff my emails

  19. HIS pASS is bilobbll can i have free membership for a month or an acount with old free items

  20. user scoot131
    pass scoot

  21. e-mail me every thin g you know Please!!!!!!!!!

  22. u now wat to do……

  23. billybob is banned forever

    • wow really im new here im not gonna give pass but my penguin name is burp654 i make vids if see me im very famous well i will be commenting on other passwords see ya.

  24. hey i need an account plz

  25. is any 1 on right now

  26. wht is rockhoppers pass

  27. rockhopper does not have a pass

  28. i love this website sooooo much beacause people give there passwords!!!!!!!!!!

  29. i love this website sooooo much because people tell you their passwords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. why wont it let you log in as billybob or rockhopper??

  31. my email is and i know many accounts for rich penguins, so email me!!!

  32. thats not write it sais wait 30 min every time

  33. hey rockhopper is here and i carnt get onto his acount it still says his banded forever

  34. what

  35. um do u spell rockhopper with a capital letter @ the beging?

  36. billybob isnt banned it just says that why do u think you can type in anything as you want for the pass and will say banned forever instead of incorret password?

  37. wats rockhoppers email

  38. Yeah it yellow123
    SO… can i have my account now???

  39. rockhoppers pass is only shared with the clubpenguin memebers and if you hack with cp trainer 2 no other penguin can see it only you can

  40. passwords
    KylDyl p.wMolly1
    little cemo p.wkingpenguin
    Lumpty p.wkyledraghi
    Rockhopper p.wCPROCKS TEAM
    Dylanpickles p.wdylanrocks
    Jose Mets p.wallie

  41. Hey! I am finally on the top 500 penguins!!! I tried to go on Rockhoppers account but it said incorrect password. What do I do???

  42. billybobs pass is club penuin

  43. Billy Bobs Passwrd is yellow123!!!

  44. well how do you get a free account i dont get it?


  46. rockhopper and billybob whoever he is is banned forever

  47. i know guy so fly29’s password it is emilio


  49. LOLY LO LO ;0

  50. arg hi this is rockhopper

  51. arg my name is rockhopper

  52. ok, thanks

  53. yarr shiver me timbers!

  54. You lied rockhoppers password is not pppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. I got billybobs pass!!!!!!1

  56. rockhopper’s pass is:clubpenguinpasswordsarethebest no space


  58. lol! yeah he probably is a robot or something like that.

    lots of love kristabel

    luv u guys


  60. billybob meet me 11.00 penguin time thursday 28th 2010 frozen dock!!

  61. tell me the real password please to all the famous people on club penguin

  62. hi!i love club penguin and it seems that if we go in popular penguins users which are rockhopper, gary, billybob, sensie and candence the club penguin staff finds out about it and automatically sends the massage to the people who are the popular penguins and change there passwords within a minute. so give away passwords of members, which are like normal type but which can get “clothes”. oh and i regularly visit popular servers so if u see me tell me that its you!!!!!!!!!!

  63. oy i got 1 i will tell it for help kk
    username:hi boy1
    passworld:clubboy no space

  64. i am not banned forever is because you all no my pass so i did that

  65. billybob just came it ok thats good no need to shout


  67. i now wat chery berry2 pass is KADENN

  68. This is rockhoppers account

    Username: rockhopper
    password: pppppppppppp
    just to let you know this is true.
    This is his old account

    username: rockhopper
    password: migrator
    I hope it works for you!

  69. can someone email me a member account plz here

  70. i hate you stupid cats

  71. im at sleet at the snowforts

  72. so if you want to go there meet me

  73. my name is agentsnow6 my pass is reindeer hes bann but not forever

  74. stop trying to guess my pass word because you will never

  75. yo you will vanish

  76. hey ill never tell you my password so don’t try to guess it cause its very long and complicated so stop . if you still wish to meet me i’m on server ice pound at the night club

  77. Hi it’s me Rocketsnail! Today I felt bored on Club Penguin….So I decided to give my account away!!! My name is Rocketsnail and my password is rsnail.

  78. nobody will get my pass

  79. ok i want a member password and username

  80. User yellowjon Pass yellow please make it a member it was a member but it expired so make it a member again please noone made it a member yet!!!!!!!

  81. hi guys im rockhopper my real name is sandhra ihave two penguins one is rockhopper and one is angel kid thank you and bye bye

  82. hi its me again guys i have good news no what im coming back to club penguin island everyday good-bye

  83. hi its me again i have good news no what im coming back to club penguin island everyday good-bye

  84. alexandermce give me a menber pls dont email me pls i tell billy bobs password you can saw badwords no band pass: yellow123456678910123456789100

  85. have fun ill players penguin evryone penguin nno download

  86. when u mean win a free acount does it have membership? plus my email is and email me if you know rockhoppers pass. if you email me include at least a password for any famous penguin

  87. Hello There Penguins!!!
    I Heard That Lots Of You Guys Have Penguin Storm
    I Am Sorry But U Guys Cant Use Penguin Storm
    Anymore If U Do U Will Be Banned Forever
    Waddle On!!!!

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