ok put youre penguin names in for the raffle!!!!!


ok we got it!

ok were at over 200,000 viewrs were gona start those things!

We are almost at 200,000 viewrs right now we have about 199,700. So we have like 300 more to go when we get 200,000 viewrs im gona add 2 more things 1 is a poll for voting about my site and club penguin. The other is a raffle were every1 puts in there penguin name and i choose one and every1 in the whole site gets to see that name but i erase the comments so none knows whos winning on anything adn we still need 200,000 viewrs to do that.

New pin!


my birthday was somtime in this month i know what day it is but i dont want to say it to the world so i want every1 in this comment saying happy birthday ok?

and i throughning a party my igloo isnt great so dont complan i will show a picture of it also the party will be on the 20th 12:00 pm whitch is the (middle of the day not at night) through 7:00pm

heres the picture

clip_image0029.jpg Sorry i missed it its the 23rd now

New pin!

Heres were the new pin is!clip_image0025.jpg

who is posting rockhopper?!

whoever is doen that stop im not gona exsept your comments the are rally weard atleast use a diffrent name please.

in other news rockhopper changed his password so u cant ask anymore yay but he never even had one yay