Club Penguin Puffle Rescue Trailer


Post or Video?(will still take place on blog either way)

(Take note it will still be placed on this site)

Puffle Sketches

Did you know that there were many original options for the puffle? Here’s a picture the club penguin site has posted.

Aren’t you glad they stuck with the puffle we have today?

Wait- What happened to your site?

Hey guys, flaper41 here to inform you that the site will be under major construction, and things will be moving around a lot. But why are these changes necessary you ask? Having a new theme for my site allows for more options to make this page better. Having designated pages will help make your time searching through the site a lot faster and easier.

New Pin (sorry a little late)

It is located at the top of the lighthouse, and can also be used at the stage to get past the river!

Rock Hopper is back!

Members and free players, come and see him for his items no matter what type of player you are!

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