Party on Friday!!!(thank you viewers!!)

Thanks guys for getting this website to over 1,000,000 veiws =D The party will start at 4:00 pm CP time on friday of 2-29-09 Summit Server (if you cant find it then click on the bottom arrow 4 times then look on the right side of the server list you’ll see it.)  At anywhere in the dance club. Gaming room (upstairs) Dance room (main floor) and boiler room (basement) I hope to see lots of people come!


4 Responses

  1. dude there are really funny pictures

  2. do you have hacks for CP

  3. party at my igloo on marchmellow (server)
    at 4:00 in the aftenoon friday!!!live band and show!!!!!!! igloo on map!!!!1

    p.s my party is the special party 0f the century so its one of a kind xxxxxxxxx see u on firday party will only take place on friday 12th february i love club penguinxxxxxxxxxx

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