Funny pic



8 Responses

  1. when did you change to superflaper41

    Id didnt try to i changed it back now i had some problems with my blog.

  2. that is a cool edit i like ur site come to my site at

  3. SHREK!!

  4. someone stole your pic…its 1raindropcc1 go to her blog it is a page…its the shrek exact same!!!

  5. hello, im rain drop cc. yes, i did copy it. so what?
    whos gonna get me. Ooh, im so scared!

    flaper41s comment: u know what i really dont care i will jusy send u to jail for copyright!

  6. oh its edited i see the ears are like edited

  7. but where do I live? mwa ha ha ha!
    You dont know the country, state, town, city, county, or anything!
    u suck dollabills

  8. kool pic

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