23 Responses

  1. Haha Nice thats acaullt kinda funny!Jk!Lame!=[

    Flaper41s comment: 😈

  2. were do u get it

    Its an edit

  3. i dont get it a piffle you made that up where do you get it then

  4. where you get it

  5. lol

  6. Is it real on cp?

  7. where do u get that

  8. wut is that?????


  10. where to find a piffle?

  11. Where did you get that from?

  12. u used edit

    flaper41s comment: actully no i hacked

  13. soooo cool

  14. where can you find it

  15. It’s an edit on the color red when you’re buying it. -Duh-

  16. how cool i wish it was real

    is it

  17. wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
    I want it, me

  18. i want a piffle

  19. where do u get that

  20. ooh i wonder if you step on it then pie comes out yum

  21. omg u people are so stupid its not real he used MS paint wow… still its kinda funny bc it makes no sense at all 😛

  22. My friend found a piffle she never lies so the piffle is real! real i say!

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