New pin



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  1. Do u no were Rockhopper is?

    I see him every once iun a while so right now no sry.

  2. make the member free because you want money so thats why you want people to become member you can get it buy working but not on games so be a foot ball player tesco sainsbrys
    bank air port cars singing and taki so plz plz plz plz make member free plz plz plz plz plz plz pzl pzl pzl pzl plz plz plz

    First thing i have no clue who u are i would do it with somone i know though sry about that though.

  3. when is the next pin coming out? and were is it gonna be?also wats is it?
    oh by the way everyone wants a new mission for the secret agents so when is the next one out?

    i havent heard anything about the mission yet i will post when i here a single thing

  4. i wanna now when deres gunna be a new mision and were da new pin next week is and if ya wanna meet me im in briten and den mittens

  5. i wanna know whenda next pin is next week. and i wanna know when da next mision is plz if ya wanna meet me im always here in briten den mittens

  6. sup im thegame321 i always get on mamoth add me

  7. i want to where the next pin will be in club penguin and whats the holiaday that club penguin will be having.from piggy618.

  8. I dont know where rockhopper is we all want to find out. We are going on cp to find rockhopper it tells us and when we go on the server and go to the location hes not there. Whats the deal?

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