Hello world!

Here i will be posting cheats from club penguin. I also say what the new style is in club penguin like right now it is adopting penguin pets in the pet shop or at least yesterday it was. I hope people have fun with my site, my penguin name is flaper 41 i will usally go on the mammoth server. Also the clothes I usally wear are a sude jacket, a black electrick guitar, ice skates, a gold viking helmet, a blue cape, and blue face paint or glasses. I will post what my igloo looks like.                            



6 Responses

  1. hey do you now paintboy100 password if you do i well tell you Aunt Aric password

  2. hey no dont give 2 him il give u my pass lol nvm add me im totalyawsum1 so ya your awsum

  3. It is Newspaper

  4. Wait!it is paintball!

  5. *blocked by user*

  6. April 1, 2007 at 5:23 am

    *blocked by user*

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